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Brown Family Cemetery 7
Name Birth Death Marker Other Map Note Misc
🌹Brown, Cabe unknown unknown tbs tbs   Son of William F. "Billy" Brown. Cabe was killed by raiding indians.
🌹Connell, Evelen unknown unknown tbs    
🌹Hester, Bathena unknown unknown tbs    
🌹Hester, Ollie unknown unknown tbs    
🌹Tipton, Caleb unknown unknown tbs    
🌹Wooldridge, Sarah unknown 1880 tbs   It appears that Sarah Brown Wooldridge is buried in Smith
Cemetery in Brown County, Texas. The memorial/marker here
in this cemetery must be in error[most likely not]. The Wooldridge twins are
possibly buried here.~C.R.~
[I have some documents, of which one is a narrative telling
of how Sarah fell from a roof in 1880 (approx age 31) and died as did her
unborn twin children. (William H Wooldridge subsequently married
Sarah Rushing.)]- submitted by a family member.
🌹Wooldridge, Twins unknown 1880 tbs